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Your App, Your Brand

Connect with your customers, engage them, keep them coming back and increase your sales with your app, your brand.


Your Customers Have Gone Mobile, Have You?


90% of mobile time is spent on apps


83% use shopping apps on a smartphone


Shopping app is the second most-popular app used

Create & Publish Your Branded App Within 4 Weeks!

Whether you own a restaurant, a pampering spa, or you have a brilliant business idea in mind, talk to us now! With Huatify, you can create, publish and go live with your own app, your own brand within 4 weeks.

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Features Designed to Grow Your Sales

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In-App Coupons

Give your customers an extra incentive to stop by and make a purchase. Better deals for them, more business for you!

Loyalty Cards

Turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers by rewarding them for choosing your store time and time again.

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    Scratch Cards

    Make it even more fun for customers to drop in by giving them an exciting chance to win great prizes.

    Your Mobile Store

    Integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce or create your own custom mobile store and stay open 24/7 and make shopping more convenient for your customers.

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      Push Notifications

      Send push notifications with your offers and discounts to lure your customers into your shop when they are nearby.

      Customer Insights

      All transactions through your app are tracked so you can study customers' spending habits and create targeted campaigns to increase their loyalty towards your brand, any time and anywhere.

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        Website Into App

        Turn any responsive website into an attractive iOS and Android app that will update itself whenever you update your website.

        Enroll New Customers in Seconds

        All it takes is just a few seconds to enroll a new customer, using just their mobile number, into your loyalty reward program.

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          AI Chatbot Support

          Automate your customer service with our AI chatbot and service your customers' issues quickly at any time of the day.

          More Features

          e-Card & e-Coupon
          Customer Recovery
          Collect Feedback
          Insightful Statistics
          Cashless Payment
          Marketing Automation
          Birthday Automation
          Welcome Automation
          Email & SMS Marketing
          Download Report
          Cloud Server
          User-Friendly Settings
          Photo Sharing
          Secured Website
          Quiz and Polls
          Fully Responsive
          Daily Backup
          3rd Party Integration
          Website Integration

          ''A customer is more loyal if they went through the effort of downloading your app and using it, and is likely to make repeat purchases.''

          Save Up to 90% on App Development Cost

          With the introduction of our SaaS pricing that scales with your business, not only can you save up to 90% on app development cost and ease your cashflow, you can also go live with your app within just 4 weeks. Your customers are waiting for you in the app commerce space. Don't let them wait!

          Customisable User Interface

          You can insert your own logo and customise the look and feel of the user interface to match your branding needs and enhance user experience. We provide highly customisable solutions to suit different business needs.

          Boost Your Sales

          Turn one-time buyers into your loyal customers and constantly engage them with our in-app discount coupons, vouchers, scratch card and loyalty points system. You can also boost your sales by selling memberships or by sending push notifications with your offers to lure your customers into your shop when they are nearby.

          Lock Content to Generate Leads

          You can make it mandatory for user to signup before they can access valuable content or use our in-app enquiry form to get more leads. Users can also make bookings and appointments through your app.

          Simple, Transparent Pricing


          USD Monthly

          • 0-50 Mthly Active Users
          • Native Android App
          • Non-Commercial Use
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          to $299 USD Monthly

          • 51-250 Mthly Active Users
          • Native iOS & Android App
          • Content Management
          • Premium App Features
          • 1000 Push Notifications
          • Marketing Campaign
          • 3rd Party Integration
          • Customer Management
          • Technical & Business Support
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          to $699 USD Monthly

          • 251-1000 Mthly Active Users
          • Native iOS & Android App
          • Content Management
          • Premium App Features
          • 5000 Push Notifications
          • Marketing Campaign
          • 3rd Party Integration
          • Customer Management
          • Dedicated Success Manager
          • Analytic Tool
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          • Unlimited Mthly Active Users
          • Native iOS & Android App
          • Content Management
          • Premium App Features
          • 25000 Push Notifications
          • Marketing Campaign
          • 3rd Party Integration
          • Customer Management
          • Dedicated Success Manager
          • Custom Analytic Tool
          • Custom Integration
          • Customisation
          • White Label App
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          * Actual quote will depend on the features you select for your app.
          * Enjoy 20% OFF all plans when billed yearly.
          * Monthly Active User (MAU) is defined as a unique registered user who uses the app at least once in a calendar month.
          * Unlimited push notification is only available on annual plan.
          * One-time setup fee may apply depending on the complexity of the setup.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Do you provide custom app development service?

          Yes we do! Whether you're a photographer who wants to showcase your photo gallery or a real estate agent who wants to publish your property listings or a lawyer who wants to accept appointments made through your app, we've got you covered.

          Can I use Huatify if my business is located overseas?

          Yes! You can create and publish your own branded app wherever you are. Talk to us now!

          Can I use my own developer account?

          Yes, you can publish your app using your developer account.

          Can I cancel my account at any time?

          Yes you can and there will be no cancellation fee but there will be no refund on your remaining subscription too.

          What are the fees that's not included in your subscription plans?

          If you wish to publish your app under your business name, then you need to pay a developer fee of USD$99 per year to Apple and a one-time fee of USD$25 to Google. Third party application fee is not included too.

          Can non-smartphone users sign up for my loyalty program?

          Yes, non-smartphone users can still sign up for your loyalty reward program.

          Are your prices inclusive of taxes?

          Yes, all prices are in USD and inclusive of taxes.

          Do I need a web host?

          Huatify includes secure, reliable and unlimited cloud hosting on all plans.

          Still have a question? Ask your question here